‘Everything can be taken from a man, but the last of all the human freedoms: to choose ones attitudes in any given set of circumstances.’ Viktor Frankl


I understand that creating change is a daunting and yet necessary step, with unique meaning to each person. I provide outpatient treatment counselling, psycho-education and advocacy services to individuals and families to support healthy change.

Counselling also involves a financial, time and personal commitment in order to create an improved sense of well-being, functioning and self. The level of commitment varies subject to the issue being experienced, age, individual motivation, and readiness (click to discover your readiness) to create change, as well as available support and resources.

Whether you are seeking counselling to create change, maintain recovery, or support an important life transition, I provide individual and distance  counselling across BC, Canada and internationally. Distance counselling via an encrypted system that protects privacy is available to individuals who are unable to attend in-session counselling due to current life and/ or location constraints.

As your therapist, my goal is to listen, support and gain an understanding of you without judgment, to extend compassion, while validating your commitment and courage in taking this step. I will work with you towards your treatment goals through an increased sense of awareness, understanding and the ability to achieve everyday calm. Talk therapy in conjunction with scientifically supported tools can facilitate improved quality of life by mediating anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, grief, relational conflict, intimacy disorders, stress, and other life-impacting circumstances.




Reaching out is often the hardest part and therefore I offer a free 20-minute consultation.  We can have a conversation over the phone or online so that you can tell me a bit about where you are at, and you can find out what the counselling process could look like for you.  This would enable you to see if you feel we would be a good fit. If you are interested in a free consultation, please either phone or email me.

Individual Sessions

(60 minutes - $140 plus GST; 90 minutes - $195 plus GST)

Once I have a clearer understanding of what challenges you are facing, along with what your goals are for the counselling process, I will do an assessment that is tailored to you and enables me to get more insight. Often clients feel overwhelmed by the time they come to counselling that they don’t know where to begin, I can help you with that.

Individual Online Sessions

(60 minutes - $140 plus GST; 90 minutes - $195 plus GST)

I offer online counselling for clients both nationwide and globally. This is a convenient and affordable way to access counselling from a specialized counsellor who has lived experience of a number of cultures.

Nous Talk is the chosen platform for many professionals due to its encryption which protects your privacy. For this form of counselling to be successful and relaxing, you need a quiet space with guaranteed confidentiality and minimal distractions.

Please note, on-line counselling will not be ethically appropriate for all clients and in those scenarios, I would recommend an in-person session.

Crime Victim Assistance Program Provider (CVAP)

There are many ways a crime can affect your life. If you have been physically or emotionally hurt as a result of a violent crime, you may be entitled to financial assistance.

The Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) assists victims, immediate family members and some witnesses in coping with the effects of violent crime. It provides financial benefits to help offset financial losses and assist in recovery.

Benefits for victims of crime include:

• Counselling                                   • Prescription drug expenses            • Medical and dental services

• Protective measures                    • Vocational services                          • Transportation & related expenses

• Income support or lost earning capacity                                                • Childcare and homemaker services

• Support for a child born because of a crime                                          • Crime scene cleaning

• Disability aids and related disability expenses or services

• Replacement of damaged or destroyed eyeglasses, clothing & disability aids

Benefits for immediate family members include:

• Counselling                                   • Transportation                               • Prescription drugs

•  Crime scene cleaning                 • Travel costs for the family of a deceased victim

In cases involving fatalities, benefits also include:

• Funeral expenses                         • Bereavement leave

• Other benefits to support spouses, children and financially dependent family members

Benefits for witnesses include:

• Counselling                                   • Prescription drugs                         • Crime scene cleaning

• Transportation to attend counselling




Crime Victim Assistance Program Direct Contact Information:

OFFICE: Toll-Free - 1 866 660-3888

OFFICE: Lower Mainland - 604 660-3888

MAILING: PO BOX 5550 Station Terminal, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H1


Please Note

Individual session fees are consistent with those set by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) https://bc-counsellors.org/find-a-counsellor/fee-schedule/.

With the exception of CVAP clients, payment is due at the time of your appointment, as you may or may not be covered by extended medical please call your health care provider to find out if they offer reimbursement. I do not do direct billing but will provide you with a receipt to claim your cost.

Please note that appointments missed or cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at 50% of cost.